Feelin' Lucky


Feelin' Lucky


Takeshi Ohbayashi's 2nd album "Feelin' Lucky"

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Takeshi Ohbayashi (Piano) Marty Jaffe (Bass) Mark Whitfield Jr. (Drums) Takuya Kuroda (Trumpet Track 1,4,7) Erena Terakubo (Alto Track 1,4,5)

Track Listing

1. Mr. Lucky (Henry Mancini)

2. Yard Bird Suite (Charlie Parker)

3. After The Rain (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

4. Feelin' Lucky (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

5. Originally Hiphop (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

6. Path To The Horizon (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

7. Meditation (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

8. Cyclic Ridge (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

Bonus Track. Lagoon (Takeshi Ohbayashi)


Recorded and released in 2013