Introducing Takeshi Ohbayashi


Introducing Takeshi Ohbayashi


Takeshi Ohbayashi's 1st album "Introducing Takeshi Ohbayashi"

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Takeshi Ohbayashi (Piano) Aaron Darrell (Bass) Mark Whitfield Jr. (Drums) Hailey Niswanger (Alto Sax Track 4, Soprano Sax Track 3,6)

Track Listing

1. Fuchsia Swing Song (Sam Rivers)

2. It Ain't Necessarily So (George Gershwin)

3. Waltz (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

4. Slot (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

5. Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk)

6. Finder (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

7. But Not For Me (Takeshi Ohbayashi)

8. After You've Gone (Turner Layton)

9. Sukiyaki (Hachidai Nakamura)

Bonus Track. Lagoon (Takeshi Ohbayashi)


Recorded and released in 2011